By: Adrianna LeBlanc, Product Designer, TribalScale

Why does your company need an onboarding plan?

A 2017 CareerBuilder study found that 41% of employers believed their lack of an effective onboarding plan hurt their company. They listed low productivity, high employee turnover, lack of engagement, and missed revenue targets as consequences.

By implementing a structured onboarding plan, companies can:

  1. Increase Retention

Hires who had a negative onboarding experience are twice as likely to seek a new job shortly after, and 28% leave within six months. That comes with a hefty price tag when you consider that the average employer spends $4,000 and 24 days to replace them. …

By: John Freire, Product Designer, TribalScale

Let me run something by you real quick. “You get paid to doodle? Wow! I should have gone for a career in design; I bet I would rock that.” These words can be somewhat hurtful when it comes to asking designers what they do. And often, the unseen aspects of design go unnoticed. But rather than focusing on the technical aspects of the design profession why don’t we turn our gaze into the visible ones?

The vastness of ‘design’ can be somewhat overwhelming with fields that range from graphic to fashion, from User Experience…

By: Emma Silveira, Content Writer

What exactly is intuition? And how can you tap into it starting today? In one of our recent First Name Basis podcast episodes, TribalScale’s CEO, Sheetal Jaitly, is joined by Sunil Godse, an Intuitive Branding Specialist, to share some knowledge with us. So let’s dive in!

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

Have you ever been put in a situation where your initial thought is, “I have a bad feeling about this person”? It takes under 14 seconds to establish trust and that initial thought is your intuition! Your intuition helps guide you in the right…

Part 2: Setting Up Dynamic Links to talk to React Navigation

By Daniel Friyia, Agile Software Engineer, TribalScale

In the last part of this series we completed the initial groundwork for React Navigation and enabled basic deep linking to work on iOS and Android. In this section we are going to take a look into how we set up the libraries for Dynamic Links and finish up by opening a deep link from the Notes app. If you missed Part 1, you’ll need to complete that part before starting this one. Ready for Part 3? Check it out now!

Setting up Dynamic Links


Part 1: Setting Up React Navigation V5 for Deep Linking

By Daniel Friyia, Agile Software Engineer, TribalScale

Photo by Christina @

Oftentimes in mobile development, clients want users to be able to link to different places in their React Native app. Usually this comes as part of sharing or deep linking from a push notification. Setting up deep linking can be a really daunting task and has a ton of essential steps to ensure it can happen correctly. …

If there’s one thing everyone can bond over, it’s food! If you need new local Toronto food recommendations, or are looking for the next dish to put on your travel bucket list, we’ve got you covered. So grab your favourite snack and find out our team’s favourite WFH (Work From Home) foods, travel foods we miss and more!

Our Team’s Favourite Toronto Restaurants!

  1. Apres

“My favourite local food place is a wine bar called Apres. Unfortunately, tartar & crab don’t make for great take-home options, so they’ve pivoted twice during the pandemic — first to offer Korean fried chicken and…

By: Kaila Shatosky, Marketing Coordinator, TribalScale

Last week I attended ConFig, Figma’s virtual conference. Despite the virtual hiccups that we have all experienced ourselves (cue the line of the year: “you’re on mute”), I was deeply inspired, excited and motivated by all of the speakers and without a doubt I’ll be giving a “5-star” review. …

by Shubham, Agile Software Engineer

Java is trying to shed its old skin by coming up with a more modern, concise and intuitive approach of organizing your code, working with JSON etc. This can already be seen in their release cycle strategy. Earlier, Java releases were driven by prominent features like Lambda Expressions or Generics but after releasing Java 9, they changed the release cycle to a much faster one. Instead of releasing only major increments twice a decade, they are releasing Java updates twice a year and a LTS (long term support release) version every three years. Therefore, it…

by Emma Silveira, Content Writer, TribalScale

As we approach twelve months of remote working, TribalScale reflects on how we’ve adjusted to this new work environment. One aspect that we had to significantly focus on was how to keep our company culture alive in an online setting due to COVID-19. We want to share how we are staying positive and supporting our team behind the screens.

Coffee buddies

Coffee buddies is one of our many channels our employees can join on Slack. Here’s the rundown on how it works: Donut, a Slack app, randomly pairs co-workers bi-weekly and reminds them to…

by Sheetal Jaitly, CEO, TribalScale

Before describing what a non-fungible token (NFT) is, let’s start with “fungibility.” It’s the ability of an asset to be exchanged with another similar asset without compromising its value. The fungibility of an asset defines the characteristics of the asset — like divisibility and value. To give a simple example: $100 dollar has the same value as another $100 bill. When someone lends you a $100 bill, you don’t necessarily have to refund them with the exact same note, as another note with the same value is worth the same amount. …

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