What is serverless architecture and when should it be used?

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Major League Baseball (MLB) has a branch dedicated to the league’s internet and interactive media — Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM). The MLBAM is improving the audience experience with a real-time player tracking system. This system displays player insights in real-time.

Designing this system meant considering the following factors:

· There are 30 MLB teams

· Each team has a 25-player active roster

· Each team has a 40-player expanded roster

· Teams play 162 games during the season

· The number of games played per day ranges from one to 15

· The entire MLB season lasts six…

by Daniel Carmo, Agile Software Engineer

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Combine was announced by Apple in the 2019 WWDC. This new framework is used to implement Reactive Programming natively in Swift.

The Combine framework provides a declarative Swift API for processing values over time. These values can represent many kinds of asynchronous events.

Combine uses three core concepts in order to create easier to read and maintainable code:

  • Publishers
  • Subscribers
  • Operators

Here’s a quick breakdown of the core concepts:


Publishers are items that describe what values and errors can be produced. Publishers are value types to be defined as structs and allow for registration by Subscribers, which receive the values they produce. …

A quick summary of The Apple Event, November 10, 2020

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In this end-of-year event, Apple has announced its Mac systems will be getting its own chips. A first for Apple, this Mac chip is known as M1. The new Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and Mac Mini will be the first three to have these new M1 chips, while Big Sur will be the new Mac OS update. Let’s have a look at what each of these is promising to Mac users.

The M1: Apple’s Very Own Chip

Better performance with greater efficiency is what Apple has promised with the M1. Known for its parallel processing structure, GPUs have been preferred long over CPUs in today’s world. …

by Justin Lycklama, Agile Software Engineer

Using Siri to get information from the user into your application is not straightforward. The code you write for SiriKit does not live in the same target as your main application, and by default, you cannot share data between the two.

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image of Amazon Echo

Let’s dive into the connection between our app and Siri by first creating an Extension for Siri. This is a good time to mention that as of right now, developing an app with the Siri capability requires membership in the Apple Developer Program. …

A recap of our podcast conversation with the CEO & Co-Founder of Feminuity

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Black and Yellow banner image with profile shots of Sheetal Jaitly and Dr. Sarah Saska and First Name Basis podcast title and black and yellow logo widgets

It was one study that acted as the awakening for Dr. Sarah Saska as she worked towards her PhD. We learned through the recent episode of the First Name Basis podcast that Sarah isn’t the type to ignore a glaring issue. And setting upon that issue to catalyze positive change is simply her second nature.

Our CEO Sheetal Jaitly joined Dr. Sarah Saska to discuss the inequity and inequality existing in the tech world, and how her company Feminuity is working towards positive change.

“We need to call BS on the Canadian tech sector for their diversity tout,” Sarah says. Just because we’re a diverse population, the mentality is that Canadians don’t need to work towards…

by Sheetal Jaitly, CEO, TribalScale

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There are a ton of buzzwords flying around these days — you’ve heard it from me before. Digital Transformation, digitization, adaption. Truth of the matter is, 2020 has pushed digital innovation years in the future, and I’m confident I’m not exaggerating. Mobile, cloud, and big data application companies alike are turning up the heat on organizations across industries to adapt in order to survive — and it’s only October, 2020. Next year will bring a dramatic advancement in modernization, among other things, and now is the time to strategize for rapid digital innovation.

Modernization is turning out to be inferable from the push for organizations to streamline complex application advancement frameworks in order to oblige their advertising and business necessities. Application modernization is set to turn into an exceptionally pivotal part of capital spending for huge ventures because of its significance and its advantages. One example being that numerous organizations are relocating their applications to the cloud to exploit various business points of interest. However, huge undertaking associations have different business-basic applications. Their IT group and financial plan are regularly tied up maintaining these inheritance frameworks, and accordingly, the assets staying to enhance or modernize are frequently restricted. …

by Sheetal Jaitly, CEO, TribalScale

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There is a new trend in town. Your customers are valuing experience more than prices, products, even services. A mere click on the keyboard or swipe of a screen gives you — the business — a chance to know what your customers are expecting from you. You have the power to peer inside their minds and know what they’re searching for, what they want. Properly unleashing these insights will enable businesses to deliver superb experiences — ultimately creating the greatest value and a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

What should be your next marketing investment?

Today, data is the new currency. Businesses are striving to base their customer experience on the most current, authentic, trusted, and relevant data. Additionally, the job of CIOs is changing. Organizations are migrating their IT resources toward consumption-based hybrid cloud ecosystems. Consequently, there is immense digitization of products and services, increasing productivity by allowing workers to concentrate their efforts on value-added tasks. CIOs are no longer holding all the cards but sharing their responsibilities with digital and marketing staff. …

by Alvin Fong, Engineering Manager

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On June 24, 2020, we hosted an online Flutter meetup. I delivered a talk about how to set up a Bitrise workflow for Flutter projects. Here is a how-to guide for both iOS and Android!

Part 1: Android

Let’s start with the Android side of the Flutter project. In case you don’t have a project handy, you can clone a tutorial project such as this. If the Flutter project doesn’t include an Android folder, you can use Terminal, navigate to the flutter project root, and create one:

$ flutter create .

Next, let’s set up the local debug configuration. In this example we’ll be using debug.keystore to sign our local builds, and we’ll define the passwords in keystore.properties. …

a collective review blog by the TribalScale Team

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Headsets have jumped in demand lately. At TribalScale, our days revolve around Remote Pair Programming, Transformation, and learning how to master the remote work week — so headphone quality is a common conversation topic.

I have purchased some headsets that have amazing reviews, but ended up being so disappointed. I talked to some co-workers that have purchased ear buds for a mere $2.00, and they somehow get the job done well!

So the logical next step is to share our findings. We’re not the only poor souls to give the benefit of the doubt to a headset and find ourselves deeply regretting it as our sound cuts out in an important…

A podcast recap with AI Expert & Strategist, Karthik Ramakrishnan

Recently, we did a podcast episode for our ​First Name Basis​ Series with Karthik Ramakrishnaan, AI Strategy & Enablement Expert, and our CEO Sheetal Jaitly. Although everyone tuned in from their remote locations, we lifted our drinks with them and indulged in a talk that included anecdotes, predictions and wisdom all the way through. Here’s some of our favourite takeaways from their conversation:

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Before Karthik reached his status of an AI Strategy and Enablement VP, he had a taste of both failure and success. He was building startups right after his MBA. The first one collapsed just after 6 months, but the second one made a huge success in the mobile advertising network. You might have heard of it, Blu trumpet by Hatch Labs, New York. After all that, in 2012, he got into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning after the breakthrough in neural network technology. He also shared a story behind the research that was going on in this field, which got funded regardless of the fruitless results for years, and eventually became a legendary breakthrough. …


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